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Check video tutorial below.

In Pickeasy, you can configure the rates based on zip code/postal code. To get started,

1. First, to select how you’d like to match your zip codes,

go to the 'Rates' section in the Pickeasy app and in the general settings, you'll find options, "Exact match and Partial match".

  • If you go for the "exact match," you'll need to enter the precise zip codes to make the rate work just right for your specific area.
  • On the other hand, if you want to use a range of zip codes, stick with the "Partial Match" option.

2. Now, create a new zone or edit an existing zone to configure rates for a zip code. 

In the 'Zip codes' field,

  • Use commas(For example, 10001,10025,10093,10101) to input a series of zip codes. Your rate will only apply to the ones you've listed here.
  • Use a semicolon(For example, 10001:10025) to specify a range of zip codes. It will consider all the zipcodes falling between this range.
  • You can also list different ranges by separating the ranges using a comma(For example, 10001:10025,10050:10075)
  • Use an asterisk(For example, 10*) to include all the zipcodes starting with a specific number.
3. To exclude some zip codes, list them in the “zip codes to exclude” field, either with commas or as asterisk.

    4. To use UK zip codes,

    • Go to Pickeasy Advanced Settings >> Check on the “Enable UK zip code support" box.
    • Use underscores in place of spaces. For example, to represent "E1 7AA," use "E1_7AA."
    • You can’t use semicolons for specifying ranges of an alphanumeric value as in UK zip codes.

    5. With this, you've set up your desired zip codes.

    6. You can add delivery rates for these zip codes, based on various conditions like price (shown in below image), weight, product, time, day, or even a combination of these. Check our other user guides to learn more about each of these conditions.

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