Delivery rate by distance Radius(km/ml)


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Check the video tutorial below to know how to get Google Maps API key

Check the below video to know how to setup delivery rates based on distance.

You can now set delivery rate by distance radius (kilometers/Miles). Let’s say you  can deliver only upto 5 kilometer radius from your store. We will now see how to set this up.

Prerequisites for the app to work:

1. You need the Shopify’s Carrier Calculated Shipping API for the rates from the app to work. Get in touch with Shopify Support to enable it. It’s free with an annual plan of Shopify or $20/month.

2. You need the Google Maps API key for the app to give the delivery rates as per the calculated distance. Please refer to the above video to enable the Google Maps API key. 

You have to add the Google Maps API key at the advanced settings as shown below.

If you would like to hide all store/business names other than yours in the map, check the "Disable labels on google map" option.

Setting rates in our app.

Step 1. Go to Pickeasy's "Rates" section and click on "Add local delivery zone" to create a new zone.

Step 2. Enter Zone Name, Choose the distance option and enter the minimum and maximum distance that you deliver to, say 1 to 10 miles. Note: The distance unit(km/miles) will be globally decided in the settings page of the app.

Step 3. You can set the rate by price and weight. Below image shows the settings for "Delivery Rate by Price".

Step 4. Multiple rates can be charged for different distance radius i.e zone with different conditions based upon your requirements.

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