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Check the below video tutorial to know how to get CCS API from Shopify

Check the below video tutorial to know how to add Pickeasy as your rate calculator.

What is Carrier Calculated Shipping (CCS) API? 

The Carrier Calculated Shipping (CCS) API is a mandatory feature for any third-party shipping rates app as the API acts as a bridge between the shipping rates provider app and Shopify.

Without the CCS API the shipping rates will not be provided by the shipping rate provider app to Shopify at the checkout.


To get CCS API, your store should be on an Advanced plan or higher plans.

You can also get CCS API on the “Shopify” plan if you pay $20 per month additionally for the Carrier Calculated Shipping API feature. If you choose the Shopify plan with an annual subscription, it is free.

To get access to the CCS API, switch to the paid plan if you haven't already.

The CCS API is a feature required by Shopify and Pickeasy doesn’t benefit from it in any way. 

How to check whether CCS API is activated or not 

If you have a paid plan and you are not aware whether CCS API is activated or not in your store, follow the below steps to check it.

1. Go to the “Shipping and Delivery” tab in Shopify settings.

2. Click on “General Shipping rates” and under “Shipping zones”>> “Add Shipping Rates”>> “Use Carrier or App to calculate rates.”

3. If you can see Pickeasy there, then the CCS API is already activated for your store.

4. If the API is not enabled, you will get an error message saying, “There are no carriers or apps available for this zone”.

Need for Carrier Calculated Shipping API in Pickeasy

The Carrier Calculated Shipping API is required to show only the selected fulfillment type by your customer on the checkout page.

With CCS API enabled,

  • When a customer chooses Local Delivery, rates for local delivery only be shown.
  • When a customer chooses Store Pickup, rates for store pickup only be shown.
  • When a customer chooses Standard Shipping, rates for shipping only be shown.

If the CCS API is not enabled, rates configured inside Pickeasy won't be shown at the checkout page. 

The rates that you set up in Shopify only will be shown regardless of the option that the customer chose in the cart page and also there will be a dual selection where customers need to select the fulfillment twice both in the cart page and checkout page.

How to get CCS API using Shopify support

If CCS haven't been activated already, you can get the CCS API, by contacting the Shopify support.

1. Click here to visit Shopify help support page.

2. Login with your account. (Should be a store owner account)

3. In the virtual support, ask for live agent support.

4. The chat will prompt you to select a store. Pick a store, in which you need the CCS API.

5. Once a support agent is available, ask him/her that you are in need of CCS API for your store. If you are in the “Advanced” plan, the CCS API will be automatically activated. If not, ask the support assistant to activate it. For example,

“I have been using Shopify's advanced plan, but the Carrier Calculated Service API is not available. Could you enable it on my account? Then, only I can use Pickeasy.”

And for Shopify plan, use the below prompt,

"Could you add the Carrier Service API to my “Shopify” plan for $20/month so that I can use Pickeasy’s features?"

6. The support advisor will handle the rest and will activate the API in minutes.

Now, you can use Pickeasy in your store.

How to Set up carrier-calculated shipping rates

Once you get CCS API activated, Pickeasy will be automatically added as a rate. 

If not, you can manually add Pickeasy as your rate calculator to calculate shipping rates and display them to your customers at checkout, follow the below steps.

1. Go to Settings > Shipping and delivery from your Shopify admin page.
2. In the Shipping section, select the shipping profile in which you want to add carrier-calculated rates to.

3. Next click on a shipping zone where you want to add a rate, click “Add rate”. If you don’t have a shipping zone, create one and click “Add rate”.

4. Select Use carrier or app to calculate rates.

5. In the drop-down menu, choose Delivery - Pickeasy.

6. Click Done, and then click Save. 

Reasons for CCS API not working 

There are chances that the Carrier Calculated Shipping API can get deactivated for the following reasons.

· If you downgrade from advanced to a basic plan.

· If you haven’t renewed your subscription.

· When your store has moved from development plan to paid plan.

In such times, Pickeasy can’t provide rates at the checkout and contact Shopify support to get the CCS API again.

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