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Check video tutorial below.

1.You can set different delivery rates for different time slots.

2.This can be done in the rates section of our app.

NOTE - This option is only available in the Advanced plan of the app.

Steps to set advanced rates are as follows.

1.Navigate to the rates section of the Pickeasy app. 

2.Scroll down to the local delivery rates section and click on "Add local delivery zone".

3.Enter the zip codes where the delivery is applicable.

4.Scroll down to the advanced rates section and click on "Add rate by time"

5. Give a name to the delivery rate and specify the amount that you would like to charge for the delivery.

6.Then, specify the start and end time that you can deliver.

In our example, I am setting the delivery rate as $50 for the time slot 6pm-8pm which is named as "Late Evening Delivery".

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