Delivery Rates by Weight


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Checkout video tutorial below

1. In Pickeasy, you can configure the rates based on weight of the product.

2. Click on the Rates, choose the desired weight format as shown below.

3. Add a new zone for configuring rates based on weights.

  1. Enter the Zip or postal codes and choose the add rate option under delivery rates by weight. Here, we are configuring rates for zip codes starting with 10.

5. Enter the delivery rate name, delivery rate and conditions if any based on weight of the product.

For example, We have a delivery rate of 5 dollars when the weight is between 5 to 20lbs for the respective zip or postal code.

1. Click Add and save it.

When the customer enters the zip or postal code, the rate gets populated as per the weight of the products.

In the picture below, you can see the delivery rate of $5 have been triggered for the zip code starting with 10.

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