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Checkout video tutorial below.

1. You can now set different delivery rates for different products.

2. You can set delivery, pickup and shipping rates based on products in the rates section of our app. We will see an example of setting advanced delivery rates.

NOTE - This option is only available in the advanced plan of the app.

Steps to set advanced rates are as follows.

1. Click on the rates section of the app and then click on, “Add Local delivery zone”.

 2. Enter the zone name and zip or postcodes that you deliver to.

 3. Under the advanced delivery rates, click on the “Add Rate By Product”.

4. Enter the delivery rate name, delivery rate and SKU code with conditions.

Product conditions

You have to set the rate by SKU code when it comes to product specific rates. The product should have the same SKU code to show the rates from our app.

If you want to add a range of SKU codes, add an asterisk (*) after the characters that begin the range. For example, If you want to set rates for Zip or postal code range starting with 345 and LB1 then you can put 345*, LB1*.

NOTE - The SKU code set in the app under rates and the product should be the same.

Condition’s priorities

You can give priority to the products that you have set rates for, under product conditions. The rates can be shown with these two conditions:-

“ANY product must satisfy this condition” - To show rate when ANY product in cart has the SKU codes

“ALL products must satisfy this condition” - To show rate when ALL products in cart has the SKU codes

I have selected the “ANY” option. So, the rates will show up if any products having the SKU code 654123 are added to the cart.

5. Save it.

In the below example, I have added the Gift card product associated with SKU code, the rate shows up as per the conditions met.

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