How to uninstall the Pickeasy app?


Last Update 16 天前

Any store owner who has installed our app after July 2022, can just uninstall the app from the "Apps and sales channel" in the Shopify settings.

For store owners who have installed our app before July 2022, the following steps has to be followed to delete the app completely from your store.

  1. Click on Online store from the left-hand side panel.
  2. Click on themes.
  3. Click on the three dots adjacent to your theme.
  4. Click on "Edit code".
  5. In the search box, type "disable-checkout-until-slots-load.liquid" and delete it.

6. Again, in the search box, type theme.liquid page or cart.liquid or cart-template.liquid wherever the below code has been put in and delete the code.

Note: Do not delete anything other than the above code which will disturb your theme.

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