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Checkout video user guide from the below link.

An order needs a minimum time to be prepared from the time it is seen by the store employee. The slot picker enables you to set cut-off times as per your preparation time.

The simple setup is for stores preparing orders on all days.

For example, let's consider a scenario where you want set same day delivery.

1.Enter "0" in the lead time for an order section.

2.Give a cut-off time for the customer to place an order. Here it is 6 PM.

3.Enter the "number of days slots are shown to customer" as 7, which means the customer can see only the next seven days.

From the above scenario, if a customer needs your product on "Friday" and tries to place an order on "Thursday", they must place the order before 6 PM, so they get it the next day. 

If it crosses the cut- off time, it will considered as next day delivery.

    Advanced setup is for stores with different preparation days and delivery days.

    1. Set the preparation time in days, hours, or minutes.

    2. We can select the preparation days for the orders. Check the box adjacent to the day.

    Note: You can enable day-wise preparation if you have different preparation times for every day.

    3. You can also set the work start time and work end time. When preparation time is specified in hours, working hours are used to calculate the lead time.

    4. Specify the number of day slots the customer can see. 

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