How to set order limits per time slot?


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Check the video tutorial below

To avoid crowding for your local delivery or store pickup, you can set a limit to the number of orders in a time slot or for a day to avoid crowding.

1. Enable the "Limit number of orders per time slot" option.

2. Here we are also going to check the box " Use same time slots for all days"

3. We can see that in the "All days" segment, there is another box that allows you to set the number of orders per slot.

For example, from the below setting, this store allows for local delivery at 10 AM, but not more than 10 orders will be delivered at that slot.

We can also set different "order limits" for "different slots" for each day of the week.

1. Check the box "Limit number of orders per slot"

2. Uncheck the box "Use same time slots for all days"

3. Now we can see all the weekdays in the segment below this.

4. Choose the day and enter the number of orders per time slot.

The above explains how we can set order limits by time slot. The order slot can be the same for every day or different for each day. 

If you wish to set an order limit for the whole day, for example, if you want to set the maximum number of orders as 100 for Monday, enter "100" in the "Order limit for Monday" segment. This means you can distribute a maximum of 100 orders across the available time slots.

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