How to set time slots?


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Checkout the video user guide from the below link.

There are different date and time slot types that you can choose.

Let's start with the first one "Only date".

When we choose this option, only the dates will be visible to the customer.

Refer to the image below to see where you have to make this choice.

This is how the cart page looks when we choose the "Only date" option.

Next, we are choosing the "date and time" slot type. 

Here, we are also choosing the "Use same time slot for all days" option. 

This is how the cart page will look when we choose these options.

Next, we are choosing the "date and time range" slot type.

You can choose to use the same time slot every day or use a different slot every day.

Now add time slots as required. Here we are adding the same time slot for every day.

By default, you have 1 hour time slots. You can also enable 15-minute time slots for better management.

How can you clear slots for a particular day?

If you don't offer local delivery or store pickup on a specific day, you can change the settings in this section.

1. Choose "Date and time" or "Date and time range" as the slot type. Here I am choosing the date and time.

2. Remove the check mark from "Use same time slots for all days".

3. You can see all the weekdays below

4. Choose the day when you don't want to offer any service

5. Here I am removing all the slots from Sunday

When the customer tries to pick a date from the slot, "Sunday" will be disabled as you have not given any "time slot" for "Sunday"

This is how it will look on the cart page.

These are the different ways you can set up slots for your local delivery and store pickup service.

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