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Checkout video user guide from the below link.

Follow the below steps to get started in setting up the Pickeasy app on your store.

  1. Once you’ve installed the ‘Pickeasy’ app, first you must ‘Enable’ the app in the theme editor page. From the main page of Pickeasy, click on "Enable", under enable in theme editor.

2. Click on "Go to theme editor" from the "Enabling Pickeasy in theme editor" pop-up 

3. Click on the toggle button in "Pickeasy" to enable the app in the theme editor and then click on "Save" to save the settings.

4. Navigate to the "Pickeasy" home page and click on "Go to settings"

5.Click on "Enable".

6.Click on "Save" and now you are all set to use the Pickeasy app in your store.

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