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Last Update 5 months ago

This feature enables you to limit the number of products that can be purchased for a specific day.

Checkout the video tutorial below.

  1. Navigate to the settings section of the Pickeasy app.
  2. Scroll down and click on ‘Add product override’ 

3. Choose the override type as ‘Product wise limit’ from the drop-down

4. Choose the "Matching type" from the drop-down

5. Enter the SKU code of the product from Shopify’s product section. 

6. If you want to add a range of SKU codes, add an asterisk * after the code that begins in the same range.

Note: If you wish, you can choose the ‘Disable limit by per product’ option so that you can sum up the quantity of the same product added to the cart.

For example, If the limit for apples is set as 4 and if 4 apples are added then the total product count is considered as 4 as the disable limit by product option is disabled.

Note - This field is optional.

4.  Set product wise limits for different days for delivery and pickups. Finally, click ‘Save’.

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