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Checkout video user guide from the below link

The product override option allows you to black out specific dates for unique products.

Here’s another example

If you wish to sell a product only on Easter and let the Product be named Easter Feast. So, the product must be available only on April 4.

1. Visit the product override section on the Pickeasy settings page. Choose ‘Blackout specific dates and time’.

Add the tag that you have assigned for the ‘Easter Feast’ product. Let’s tag it as ‘easter’. 

2. To black out days you can select the option ‘Date range’. In the blackout calendar select all the days in the month except April 4th. Then click ‘Save’.

3. Let's take an example of a product available on April 4th from 1 pm to 4pm. Now select a ‘Date range with time slots’ option.

On the calendar, black out all days in April month except April 4th with the time slot 1pm to 4pm.

4. Now add the tag - ‘easter’ to the product in the Products section of the Shopify admin’s page. 

5. Finally the check the changes on your store.

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