Different delivery days for different Zip code or post codes and different distance radius


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Checkout video tutorial below.

1. You can set different slot conditions for different Zip/postcodes (locations).

2. You can create different locations and do the setup for deliveries and pickups for each of them separately in advanced mode of the app.

Visit Pickeasy's settings to add a new location.

Note: Add Specific zip codes that you want to have different availability days for under delivery option.

For example, This New York store has different delivery days and pickup days.

Step 1. So, here I have created a location called New York Zone 1.

Step 2. Enter the postal or zip codes of Lancaster that you deliver to.

Step 3. Setup the delivery and pickup availability and save it.

1. After, the first location setup. You can add another location using the add location option and continue the above steps for a different set of Zip or postal codes(locations).

You can similarly do different slot settings for different distance radii.

First, enable google map for local delivery in Pickeasy's Advanced settings.

Configure the settings for distance.

Prerequisites for the option.

  • Disable both pickup and local delivery options in Shopify settings, so that our app manages the setup.
  • The shopify local delivery app to route your delivery orders is not compatible with the advanced mode of our app.

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