Allow pickup or delivery on particular days (eg. only on Monday)


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Lot of stores allow pickups or do local deliveries on particular days of a week to optimize cost. Like only on Mondays, or Tuesdays and Thursdays etc.

You can achieve this with Pickeasy as shown below.

1. First, go the Pickeasy's settings page and click on "View Settings" in your desired zone.

2. In the "Slot Availability Conditions" section, no change needs to be done. This section is used to set cut off time for orders.

3. In the Slots & Order limits section, uncheck the "Use same time slots for all days".

4. In this case we want only pickups or deliveries only on Mondays. So go to all other days of the week and click on "Clear all" to delete all the time slots. Save settings.

4. Now in your store the customer will see slots only for Monday.

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