Send email to customer if order date time is updated


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Checkout video tutorial below.

There are times when your customer might choose to change the delivery date/time. 

To send an email with the updated date and time you can use the “Update Date and time Notifications” option from the advanced settings option.

For example, in the order no:1034, the customer wants to change the date from Feb 28,2024 to Feb 26, 2024 and the time from 4-5 pm to 3-4 pm.

Refer the below snippet to see how it can be done on the settings page.

Once the above changes are made, follow the below steps to send email to the customer.

  1. Navigate to the advanced settings page
  2. Scroll down and check the box, "Enable order date/time email
  3. Save the settings

Now, an email with the updated date and time will be sent to the customer.

Refer the image below, to see how the email looks

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