Hide / Skip the slot picker for specific products like gift cards, workshops etc.


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Checkout video userguide below.

You can now hide the slot picker for certain products using the advanced settings of the app. Please refer to the scenario explained below.

Let’s say, you offer a baking workshop in your online store and you don’t want your customer’s to select the date and time for that particular product since it is an online workshop.

In such a case, you can use the “Hide slot picker for specific products” from advanced settings as shown below.

1. Click on advanced settings and go to “Hide slot picker for specific products”.

2. Add a tag assigned to the product. If you have multiple product tags then the tags should be comma separated.

3. Click on add "tag names"

4. Finally click on "Save" 

Note: If you have not set up the product tag then, go to the actual product and attach the tag as shown below.

Once the slot picker is hidden in the settings, this is how the checkout page will look.

You can also set fixed rates for any product.

  1. Check the box "Enable fixed rates"
  2. Give a name for the rate
  3. Give a rate for the product
  4. Save the settings

Note: If there are normal products in the cart then the slot picker will be shown. This setup is irrespective of the products added to the cart.

This feature is available in the smart plan and advanced mode only.

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