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Check the video tutorial below.

To utilize Pickeasy's slot picker feature on the cart page effectively, we recommend disabling accelerated checkout buttons such as Gpay and Amazon Pay.

When accelerated checkout options are active, customers may inadvertently bypass Pickeasy's slot selection process and proceed directly to checkout. 

To prevent this, it's advisable to hide accelerated checkout buttons on the cart page while still allowing them to appear on the checkout page.

To hide accelerated checkout buttons, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to the Shopify Themes tab and select the options button for your active theme. Then, choose "Edit code."

2. Locate the "cart" liquid snippet. The "additional checkout button" code will typically be found within one of the cart liquid snippets, depending on your theme.

For instance, in the "Dawn" theme, it's located in "main-cart-footer.liquid."

3. Identify the "additional_checkout_buttons" code and either remove the condition or comment out these lines of code.

By following these steps, the accelerated checkout option will no longer be displayed on the cart page, ensuring customers go through Pickeasy's slot selection process before proceeding to checkout.

You can see that the accelerated checkout button is still appearing in the checkout page.

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