Setup date time picker for both pickup and delivery with different setup. With delivery rates setup in Shopify.


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Checkout video tutorial below.

With Pickeasy, you can setup different date/time picker settings for Local delivery and Local Pickup options seperately.

Before getting started make sure that Pickeasy is in normal mode. Then,

1. Go to Pickeasy’s "General Setup" section, check "Enable Standard Shipping" and "Have both pickup and delivery, but with different setup" options.

2. Next, setup your desired slot settings for local delivery. In this example, we set the Delivery is available only on Monday and Wednesday.

3. Now, to set up different settings for “Store Pickup,” click on the “Store Pickup” tab from the “Slots and order limits” section, and uncheck “same as local delivery” box.

4. Also uncheck the “same as local delivery” option in “slot availability conditions” and “Blackout slots” section and configure different settings for “Store Pickup”.

In this example, we have set that the pickup is available for all days except Sunday, and set a lead time of 2 days.

The next step is to set up rates for Local Delivery.

5. Go to the Shopify settings and in the Shipping and Delivery tab,

6. Scroll down and find the “Local Delivery” option. Choose a location if you have multiple locations and check "This location offers local delivery".

7. Next, configure the delivery rate for local delivery. You can set the local delivery rate using either zip code or delivery radius.

Here, we are delivering to the zip codes that start with 100 at the rate of $25.

To enable Local Pickup,

8. Go to the Shopify settings and in the Shipping and Delivery tab,

9. Scroll down and find the “Local Pickup” option. Choose a location if you have multiple locations and enable “This location offers local pickup.”

10. As you can see, both Local Delivery and Store Pickup options show up. 

11. When the customer chooses local delivery, he has slots only on Monday and Wednesday. 

12. If the customer chooses “store pickup”, only Sunday will not have any slots to show.

Preventing Dual Selection problem

1. If you have enabled Shopify’s native shipping options like “Standard shipping, Local delivery and Local pickup” and added rates there like this.

The customer will be shown with all the shipping options in the checkout page despite the option they chose in the cart page.

2. At such times, there is a chance that customer may choose two different options in the cart page and checkout page which can cause confusions to both customer and the store owner.

3. To avoid such situations, you need to completely migrate every fulfilment setting to Pickeasy and turn off Shopify’s native shipping options.

4. To do so, you can check Pickeasy’s advanced mode settings user guide.

5. You can also contact our support team who can help you to migrate the fulfilment settings. Message us at, [email protected]

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