Delivery rates by Day (Same day and Next day)


Last Update 4 months ago

1. You can now set different delivery rates for the same day and date range using custom days.

2. This comes into effect when you have different delivery rates for same-day delivery and next day delivery.

3.We will see an example of setting delivery rates by day.

Steps to set the delivery rates are as follows.

Step 1. Click on the rates section of the app and then, “Add Local delivery zone”.

Step 2. Enter the zone name and zip or postcodes that you deliver to.

Step 3. Under the advanced rates, click on the “Add Rate By Day”.

Step 4. Enter the delivery rate name, delivery rate for same day delivery or custom days.

For example, I am setting same day delivery rate as Rs.20 (Indian Rupees)

Step 5. This step is optional, you can enter the normal delivery fee for other days, if you did not set rates in the common setup. I have entered the Delivery range 2-5 to charge Rs.10 (Indian Rupees) for delivery from the next day.

So When we checkout on the same day, then Rs.20 (Indian Rupees) is charged as shown below.

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