Change checkout text based on fulfillment type


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Checkout video tutorial below

Why should we change the checkout text based on the fulfilment type?

When the customer chooses store pickup from the cart page and clicks on checkout, the screen navigates to the final check out page.

Though the customer has chosen Store pickup, the checkout page shows delivery as the heading with the Store pickup address pre-filled.  Refer the image below.

This might confuse the customer. So, to change the text from "Delivery to Store Pickup", follow the below steps

  1. Navigate to the themes section of your online store.
  2. Click on the three dots and select "Edit code"
  3. In locale folder, create a locale file named "en-CA.JSON"
  4. Then remove the code from that file and paste the below code into it. 

Once the code is added , we can see "Store Pickup" instead of "Delivery" in the checkout page.

Refer image below

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