Add date time slots details to order confirmation email


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Checkout video user guide from the below link

Once a customer places an order, an email is sent to the customer. to confirm the order placement.

To add the slot time the customer has chosen for pick up or delivery in the email, there are certain changes that we have to make in the Shopify settings.

Follow the below steps

1. Navigate to the Shopify settings

2. Select Notifications

3. Click on Customer Notifications

4. Next, click on Order Confirmation

5. Now, from the right-hand side top corner, click on edit code, to insert the code for email settings.

6. Now you will see a set of HTML codes.

7. Search for the line that has the word “order summary”

8. Place your cursor after the word “Table” and hit enter

9. Now, insert the code here (The code is given in the next image)

Below is the code for inserting the date and time in the mail.

Below is a sample of the order confirmation

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